Friday, July 3, 2009

NHL Wants Jerry Reinsdorf to Buy Phoenix Coyotes to Keep the Base in Arizona

National Hockey League (NHL) has backed the $148 million bid of Jerry Reinsdorf to buy the cash-strapped Phoenix Coyotes. Even though Jim Balsillie, a billionaire from Canada, earlier made a bid worth $212.5 million to get the ownership of the franchise, NHL still wants Judge Redfield Baum will accept the bid made by Reinsdorf who also owns Chicago White Sox baseball and Chicago Bulls basketball clubs.

NHL wants to keep the Coyotes base in Arizona and this could be possible if Reinsdorf buys the franchise. On the other hand, a Balsillie take-over of the Phoenix Coyotes would move the club base to Canada. Well, it is now down to the court to decide whom the franchise will be sold to. So far, both Reinsdorf and Balsillie have equal chances to buy Phoenix Coyotes.

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