Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Indian Olympic Association Takes over Indian Hockey Federation following a Bribery Scandal

Indian male hockey team has failed to qualify for the upcoming Beijing Olympics Games 2008. This is the first time India has failed to book a place at the final of Olympic Games Hockey competition since field hockey included in Olympic Games in 1928. This is not that the disaster has hit the Indian Hockey suddenly. In fact, over the last decade, Indian hockey was going down as their performance at international stage was being faded. Once dominating Indian hockey team is now fighting to revive its lost pride and prowess.

Added to that, recently a high official of Indian Hockey Federation has been accused of taking bribe on a team selection. Even, this is not something new to IHF as the federation has been reportedly going through corruption over the past decade. In the aftermath of these series of blows Indian hockey received recently, Indian Olympic Association (IOC) has recently taken over the Indian Hockey Federation.

Canadian Press reported:

Indian Hockey Federation official Kumaraswamy Jothikumaran resigned last week after a television channel claimed to have filmed him accepting a cash bribe to include a player in the national squad.

On Monday, Kalmadi said Olympic rules empowered his body to take action against "member-associations involved in any undesirable activity bringing disrepute to the country."

"The IOA has taken a concrete action following media reports about corruption," Kalmadi said. "It's a painful decision we had to make."

Well, it is for sure that Indian hockey has come to a dead end from its once dominating form. So, it is badly needed to ensure there is no corruption in the hockey federation. However, taking over the IHF is not everything to develop the Indian hockey and revive its pride at the international stage. In fact, concerned authority must have a long term planning for the development of Indian hockey. I hope, Indian hockey gets back its dominance and becomes a major power in world hockey again.