Tuesday, July 7, 2009

India Men’s Hockey Team Going to Tour Europe

India men’s hockey team is going to tour Europe during which it will face four European teams in a total 12 test matches. The tour starting on July 27 includes four tests against England, three tests against Belgium and Spain each and two matches against Holland. The 25-day tour will see India playing under new coach Jose Brasa for the first time.

Indian selectors have already announced 24-men squad led by defender Sandeep Singh. Indian team is now training in Pune ahead of the tour. However, team India will miss the service of Dilip Tirkey who is currently suffering from ankle injury.

India’s very recent form is not satisfactory at all as they finished fifth in this year’s Asia Cup in Malaysia. India will host next year’s world cup, and that is why, Indian team wants to gain some experience playing against some of the European giants. Now, let us see if Indian players bring about some satisfactory results in their European tour in what would erase the disappointing memory of Asia Cup to some extent.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

NHL Wants Jerry Reinsdorf to Buy Phoenix Coyotes to Keep the Base in Arizona

National Hockey League (NHL) has backed the $148 million bid of Jerry Reinsdorf to buy the cash-strapped Phoenix Coyotes. Even though Jim Balsillie, a billionaire from Canada, earlier made a bid worth $212.5 million to get the ownership of the franchise, NHL still wants Judge Redfield Baum will accept the bid made by Reinsdorf who also owns Chicago White Sox baseball and Chicago Bulls basketball clubs.

NHL wants to keep the Coyotes base in Arizona and this could be possible if Reinsdorf buys the franchise. On the other hand, a Balsillie take-over of the Phoenix Coyotes would move the club base to Canada. Well, it is now down to the court to decide whom the franchise will be sold to. So far, both Reinsdorf and Balsillie have equal chances to buy Phoenix Coyotes.

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